Services – JLS Cleaning Service
June 25, 2017


When considering an outside janitorial company to clean your office ask these questions:

 Are you insured? 
JLS has a 2 million dollar liability policy, plus we are bonded.  We provide our employees workman compensation as well.
Are your employees background checked?
JLS Cleaning Services employees are background check and drug screened
Do you have a comprehensive training and safety program?
JLS Cleaning Service has an onsite Health and Safety officer who has complete a rigorous training course providing all our employees up to date policy and procedures on proper handling of waste, best practices to ensure zero injuries and specific training on security ensuring your facility is safe and secured after the work is completed.
Will the company you are contracting with be “outsourcing” the work.
Many times janitorial companies will hire another janitorial company to do the work.  JLS Cleaning services hires all their employees and monitors their work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Here’s what we can do for you!

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.  Below is a list of our cleaning guidelines.  These are our objectives in cleaning your facility.  However, these are just guidelines.  We will be happy to discuss additional request that are not mentioned in these

General Office cleaning includes:

  • Empty, line, clean and sanitize all trash receptacles
  • Dusting all cleared surfaces of desk, and furniture, partitions, and ledges
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas including under desk
  • Cobwebs will be removed as needed from both interior of building and front entrance
  • Entrance glass will be cleaned each visit
  • Entrances will be swept and picked up
  • Restroom cleaning includes:
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all toilets, urinals and surrounding walls
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and polishing all sinks and chrome
  • Trash receptacles will be emptied, lined and cleaned
  • Glass mirrors will be cleaned
  • Floors will be damped mopped and sanitized
    (Please see special services for care of resilient floors)
  • Paper and soap products will be filled
    (Paper and soap products can be provided by us)

Kitchens & Employee Lounges

  • Sinks and counter tops will be wiped down, sanitized and polished
  • Trash receptacles will be emptied, cleaned and sanitized and
  • Appliances will wiped down and polished
  • Floors will be swept and mopped each visit
  • Drinking fountains will be cleaned and polished
  • Ashtrays will be emptied and cleaned
  • Entrances to Kitchen will be wiped down
  • Paper products will be filled each service

Additional Services:

  • Carpet cleaning provided
  • Resilient floors stripped and wax and buffed on a regular basis
  • Paper products provided
  • Window Cleaning